Landscape Architecture & Construction

Landscape Architect #4163
Landscape & General Engineering Contractor #353234

Design and Build

We are a full-service design / build company specializing in Landscape Architecture and construction. The owner is a licensed Landscape Architect and a licensed Landscape and General Engineering Contractor.

The Process

Step 1 - Initial Meeting - Our intial meeting will determine the scope of your project and the course that we need to follow in order to provide the landscape suited for your needs and desires. We will offer ideas and solutions to consider as you share with us those things which are important to you. At this point, a design fee proposal will be presented depending on the scope of work you desire, and we will begin the design process.

Step 2 - Design - We can provide a complete design or sometimes even a simple sketch in order for you to visualize your landscape and to allow us to carefully bid your project. Your design will incorporate all of the critical elements of a sound and carefree landscape by carefully planning for proper grading, irrigation, drainage, and soil stability. We develop and plan the patios, decks, benches, trellises, arbors, water features, lighting, and other critical appurtenances that may be incorporated into your landscape. Further meetings will discuss textures, surface materials and colors, decorative ideas, and plant selection. Upon completion of the design, a detailed installation proposal will be provided.

Step 3 - Installation - Our company typically focuses on one project at a time, thereby giving our client complete attention from start to finish. We focus on quality, detail, and use the finest materials and construction techniques available in harmony with your budget. Our pricing is competitive with other quality-driven companies such as ours.